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Buy Clean Energy is an ongoing campaign that began in 2010 on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day that encourages individuals and businesses to promote the development of clean energy in the U.S. by switching to renewable electricity. Thousands of businesses and households nationwide are already taking this simple step to help drive investors and utilities to build clean energy generation, but the need to replace our fossil-fuel infrastructure is great, and we could be doing much more. A program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions and Green-e®, the website provides three simple steps for consumers to learn how much electricity they use and ways to become more efficient, buy clean energy now and learn what programs are available to them in their area, and add their name to a growing roster of consumers who have purchased clean energy. With a goal of one billion kilowatt-hours purchased through this campaign, Buy Clean Energy is an ambitious call to action for consumers and businesses to support clean, renewable energy for years to come. Sign the roster of clean energy supporters today at



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Buy Clean Energy is a campaign by Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a nonprofit headquartered in San Francisco that creates policy and market solutions to advance sustainable energy. Learn more at

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